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The Bell Tower at Rupert Methodist Church

To the surprise of many, the mechanical clock and bells in the tower at Rupert Methodist are fully functional.

A mechanical marvel, the mechanism for the bell tower is a pendulum clock. To wind it, you climb through a warren of steps, ladders and narrow walkways to the bell tower.

There are actually two sets of mechanics and weights, one for the clock and one for the bell.  Each is wound separately and once wound, runs for eight days, with the pendulum and weights moving with a slow grace.

The Bell was cast in Troy, NY by the Jones Troy Bell Foundry Company in 1884, and when run, it's full tone rings throughout Rupert.

Originally designed to ring each hour, today it is only rung on special occasions, by a long rope that drops to the bell tower entry way.  


The original 1884 instructions from E. Howard & Company, maker of the clock systems,  are still mounted in the bell tower.

They explain how to wind the clock, oil it for maintenance, and how to adjust it to keep the correct time.